Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kim Schmitz Megaupload Asked For His Money Back

CEO Kim Dotcom site Megaupload, would still be languishing behind bars upon appeal rejected by the Court. He is also known by the name of Kim Schmidt appear in court The North Shore last week.

Kim Schmitz,38 years old was arrested along with four of his friend's after police raided at the rented mansion, which is worth US $ 30 million or USD $ 268 billion in New Zealand. FBI seeks to extradite them on charges of piracy and copyright infringement of music, movies and important files.
Dotcom who wish to remain in New Zealand require assets are returned. Prosecutors agreed to a court ruling Raynor Asher previously. » Nobody demands that Dotcom remained New Zealand, except for his motivation to fight the charges, "said Asher.

However, he added, there is a possibility the FBI had confiscated the entire property of Dotcom. Superior Court judge, David McNoughton called the case of the site Megaupload as the largest virtual world piracy cases in the United States.

Dotcom denied his involvement in the hijacking of a virtual world. He claimed the plot by a conspiracy perpetrated by United States authorities.

He insisted did not want to leave his wife and children in New Zealand. Germany-born men it claims no reason to leave the country. » When I am abroad, I could freeze my assets, "he said.

In court, the Dotcom says, he got a call from someone who offers a guarantee that would benefit him. The man at once asked a number of mercenaries.

Kim Schmitz confessed, he was beaten by police in raids.

Police arrested Kim Dotcom and three workers on charges of facilitating practices piracy and copyright theft, mid month. Megaupload benefits worth US $ 500 million or USD $ 4.5 trillion.

With the number of users reaches 150 million, surely this site became the largest file-sharing sites. Megaupload has a base in Hong Kong and their owners live in New Zealand. A number of their servers are located in Virginia, United States.

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