Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deleted Facebook Photos is not Completely Lost

CALIFORNIA - The notion that images are deleted on Facebook is really gone, it was wrong. Reported by users of Facebook, the image is still accessible even three years after being removed.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (07/02/2012), deletion of photos on Facebook, not lost but can still be accessed by anyone with a link that is owned by the photo. It is also recognized by Facebook, that enterprise systems are not always clear images in a reasonable time period.

Of course, spread the news was a shock for the user, who relies on the removal function to eliminate the images that they consider embarrassing. Although not all photos are deleted are still present, but reported a significant amount.

Normally, images are deleted indeed disappeared from the social networking if you open a photo album. But the unknown is the photo will still be seen by anyone with a URL link is owned by the photo.

That means if the picture has been circulating via email then it will remain viewable for anyone who has the link and clicked. Evident when the tech site, Ars Technica reports that an image of a naked toddler, who is considered to have removed in 2008, was seen in February 2012.

Facebook party has also repeatedly promised to fix the problem with the system used to remove the photos. This was done, after the social networking users were founded by Mark Zuckerberg stated that the pictures are deleted likely remain.

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