Friday, February 24, 2012

Sexpresso: Café with Sexy Waiter

Bagnolo - After eight years of operating a cafe, Laura Maggi suddenly discovered that the men flocked to the café. Not because the top quality of coffee and beverage but since she began performing with very minimal clothing when serving guests.

Sexpresso! Once the Mail Online, Thursday (02/23/2012), gives the title to the news about the phenomenon.

Hundreds of men gather customer Le Cafe, the cafe's name was Laura, every day and night. They left the cars on the roads around causing congestion problems. Local mayor, a woman, announced that she was considering an emergency regulation to restrict traffic in the area around the cafe.

Women in the small town of Bagnolo Mella, in northern Italy, has stated that she owned the cafe of the men acted out of line they are - and Miss Maggi 34-year-old has become a national celebrity.Wednesday, he was a guest on television shows. In it she says, "I do not see what the problem. That's just how fun that is not harmful. If people come here, what can I do? I know I have to upset the women but it's not my problem. Not my fault if people want to come and drink at my cafe. "

She added, as quoted by the Mail Online, a number of customers up to a distance of 70 miles (112 km) just to be able to sip coffee in cafes. Le Cafe is on the wall is photographs of Maggi in her bikini while on holiday.

The woman has 5,000 new friends at Facebook as a local poll found that 46 percent of respondents said pair of male customers have to 'ask yourself, why their partner than they prefer Laura'.

A number of wives in those city residents have complained on television. One of them said, "This is shameful and should not be allowed. City is quiet and respectable. Now we are known throughout the country because this bar maid mini dress she wore when serving drinks (for guests). Women in the city are not too happy and we have complained to the city council. "

Mayor Bagnolo, Cristina Almici, said, "We have received numerous complaints from women about the cafe and we're thinking about what we can do related to public order. Already a huge flow of traffic into the city since the news of this spread and Laura has led to incidents of parking and a number of acts of vandalism. We cannot stop people going to the café and I know it is very popular for men in the city. Personally I do not see any problem with the appearance or dress. If anything, the men who went to there is a problem. "

Almici added, "My husband would not be allowed to go there."

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