Saturday, February 18, 2012

A British Student Jailed for 8 Months for Hijacking a Facebook Account

If You are like  hijack the others Facebook account should be immediately stopped. Recently the London court convicted a British student eight months in prison because of hijack your facebook account.

Glenn Mangham (26) students, as reported by AFP on Saturday (18/2) to admit everything he does. He said the act was done in his bedroom in Yorkshire, between April and May last year.

Despite pleading guilty, Mangham denied when his action is based on financial motives. He said what he did was to expose weaknesses in security systems Facebok. "[The act] is to identify vulnerabilities in the system, so I can prepare a report which I can then send to Facebook," he told Southwark Crown Court in London.

In his plan, Mangham want to tell the Facebook number of things wrong in their system. He also claimed to have done the same thing against the U.S. internet giant, Yahoo!

The judge himself is actually receiving a statement delivered Mangham. However, what Mangham could have been "really is a disaster" for Facebook. "It's not just a little dangerous experiment," said Judge Alistair McCreath.

In consideration Alistair worried Glenn actions could seriously impact on the international business system up. "You and others who are tempted to act just really need to understand how serious this problem, he said.

Mangham was arrested at his home on June 2 by U.S. agents from the FBI. Facebook has spent £ 126,400 to the affairs of this kind of crime. Verdict on Facebook spokesperson expressed his Gratitude City of London Police and Crown Prosecution Service for their work on this case "We take seriously any attempt to gain unauthorized access to our network" said the spokesman

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