Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sarkozy Spend €10,000 Euros a Day for Food

France may have recently experienced a decline in ranking of a credit institution, but a new book uncovers the lifestyle of triple-A President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace.

Why the French Presidency, under Sarkozy, operating vehicles twice as much from the President before? Why President Sarkozy spent time traveling two times more than his predecessor, President Jacques Chirac? Why Sarkozy does spent an average of three hours a day in an airplane? That is, among other things, a number of problems that are revealed by the book, as reported in The Independent, Monday (6/2/2012).

The book entitled L'Argent de l'Etat (Money from the State) which was written by René Dosière it raises a number of questions regarding the spending of President Sarkozy and Prime Minister François Fillon at the local and national budgets is being trimmed. Dosière was a politician from the opposition Socialist Party. He published the book in less than three months before the presidential election.

Dosière, a veteran activist who opposed the wastage of State, praising Sarkozy for the positive things he did. Unlike its predecessor, Sarkozy publishes an annual budget — $ 113 million Euros a year — to the Elysée Palace shopping. However, a number of strange and interesting facts have emerged.

Elysee Palace under Sarkozy operates 121 cars, compared to Chirac during which only 55 cars. Sarkozy traveled 2 times more than its predecessor. Since the beginning of his presidency, he has spent an average of 24 hours a week on the air. Sarkozy also spent around €10,000 a day for food.

People might think, a President of France sometimes have to ride one of the country's railways. In fact, for reasons of security and cost, it is impossible. Ancient rules demanding a police officer should stand on the side of each railway bridge. Therefore, every trip to the province by President-cost an average of €600,000 Euros.

Tastes of Sarkozy’s response to the Summit are also an escape from amatan Dosière. In 2008, Sarkozy hosted a summit meeting lasted two hours, which have cost French taxpayers by €17 million euros, or the equivalent to €58,000 euro per minute.

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