Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marijuana plantations in Five Floor New York Uncovered

NEW YORK - New York police, we announce his success disassembling agriculture dope in building five floors in the Bronx. Three people who allegedly marijuana garden owners have been arrested and the venue have been closed.

"Estimated that produce about 50 vineyards up to 60 pounds or 23 to 27 kilograms of marijuana per month which is estimated to be worth around 250,000 US dollars. Estimated at about 3 million US dollars achieved in the past year, "said the police as reported by Reuters, Wednesday (1/2/2012).

When investigators check out a building in the city's Bronx, Tuesday afternoon, they found 593 stem of the plant. Some are as high as seven feet or about 2.1 meters high and dry in the bundle of marijuana weighing 75 pounds or the equivalent of 34 pounds.

Photographs released police showing spatial drying, filtration systems, water and air pipes ventilation, heating and lighting in the building. Three men were arrested on charges of marijuana possession and use of illegal drugs.

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