Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Service Called Google for Weeding

Anyone wants to get married or are planning a wedding? Why you do not see one of the following services from Google. Internet giant has just launched a new service called Google for Weeding.

As the name implies, Internet-based services that provide assistance to all the items needed in a good marriage. Of course a matter of building rental fee and all costs not borne by Google.

Through this site, users can plan a wedding with a fine, ranging from preparing the guests; arrange seating guests, the list then, the cost of weddings and other crap.

Beyond the last item, the user can also create online invitation cards plus a map location of the event was held. All will be put into a special page that is shared friends and family.

Google for free of course Weddings. You just need a Google account (Gmail) to use this service.

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