Friday, February 24, 2012

The death of Whitney Houston Used for the Money

LOS ANGELES-Since her death, all the work of Whitney Houston and more people become prey. However, it only made the big companies take advantage of those moments to make profits from the death of Whitney.

Once the price of her songs on iTunes is raised, now turn to film, starring Whitney reportedly disappeared. Whitney's most famous film, The Bodyguard is no longer called a stream can be enjoyed in cyberspace.

Provisional estimates, the move were made by a production house which soon re-release of The Bodyguard on DVD. Because that movie with Kevin Costner starring Whitney could not be called free.

Warner Brothers allegedly deliberately asked for the movie The Bodyguard on the internet is stopped so that they can grab money from DVD sales. However, it was immediately denied the Netflix, an Internet provider streaming company and also the largest DVD rental.

"Netflix has the movie The Bodyguard on DVD, but not in streaming format. We have not had it in the form of streaming movies after his contract expired last year. But this has nothing to do with the moment of death of Whitney Houston," said the Netflix, Steve Swasey Popeater quoted as saying on Friday (02/24/2012).

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