Monday, February 27, 2012

Since the Closing of MegaUpload, RapidShare Reduce Free Account Bandwidth

Closing event MegaUpload file sharing sites, followed by the arrest of the founder Kim Dotcom, would make other similar sites concerned. Many sites are issuing new policies, including RapidShare.

This past week, users complain that a free account RapidShare the download speeds at much lower than before.

On Friday (24.02.2012), the parties confirmed the truth of the RapidShare. Since the closed of MegaUpload, RapidShare download surge of traffic from the free users.

"We decided to take the steps that are not popular, but effective. By way of reducing the download speed for free users, we believe this step will make the RapidShare become popular among the pirates, and we want to drive traffic this kind of piracy goes," the statement RapidShare .

There are indications that the hijackers started to use RapidShare, as some file sharing sites begin to erase the data of its users.

RapidShare added, they don't lower the download speed for all files. If that is downloaded is the original file (not the file is copied without the permission of the copyright holder), then the users that are not paid will get a normal download speeds.

RapidShare seems to want to implement new policies slowly, allowing users to buy premium account. This step is necessary RapidShare, given the onslaught of anti-piracy efforts online from the copyright holder.

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