Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina was rushed to hospital

Bobbi Kristina, who is the daughter of Whitney Houston with Bobby Brown, was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles, after the death of her mother that all of a sudden.

The girl is 18 years old, had been taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital after he was taken from the Beverly Hilton hotel, where his mother was found dead on Saturday evening, as reported on TMZ.

Police officers and firefighters came to the hotel, to perform emergency medical treatment, and the girl was taken to the hospital by using a stretcher.

As previously reported, Bobbi Kristina looks confused, after he left the hotel room, where her mother's body is handled by police officers.

Whitney Houston's daughter feared Suicide

DEATH Pop diva Whitney Houston tragic weekend making her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 18 years, the further decline of health due to psychological shock because the mother left. Moreover, women who gave birth to her heartbreaking died by drowning in the bath Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, United States. Browse the site on Monday (13/2) yesterday said Kristina admitted to hospital because of "fainting" because very surprised to hear his mother's death

When paramedics arrived at room 434 Hotel Beverly Hilton on Saturday (11/2) local time, Christina was also in the same hotel. Seeing her mother's body removed from the bath tub, Kristina screamed and fainted to make rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles. A source said, Kristina up screaming, calling to follow his mother's death. There's even a mention Kristina like suicidal.

"We're afraid to see Bobbi Kristina life now," said the source, which is one of a family member in Houston Hollywoodlife. It's hard to get a clear answer about the cause of his death technically. Beverly Hills police shut any conclusions from the results of autopsies conducted on the bodies of 48-year-old singer. Police officers on Monday to continue back and forth into the hotel room where the dying Diva. Some suspect the singer of the song I Have Nothing died from drowning after she collapsed after downing tranquilizers too much.

But police are still investigating possible criminal intensive behind the death of the world's most famous singer in Indonesia through the song I Will Always Love You. "Nothing can be released at this time," said John Kades of the Los Angeles Department of Coroner's autopsy corpse when asked Houston. Los Angeles Times, reported that a fireman had to give rescue breathing, 20 minutes before he was declared dead.

Earlier, former wife of rapper Bobby Brown was reportedly often appear and behave strangely under the influence of alcohol. He had a sudden jump around the party room, even standing with his hands near the hotel swimming pool. Houston still greeted his fans with a warm smile though often appearing disheveled, one of the costumes, hair dripping wet.

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