Monday, February 20, 2012

Captain Drunk and Asleep, Zigzag Ship at Sea

Denmark Navy immediately sent a helicopter to intercept the 82-meter long cargo ship after ship was seen driving in a strange zigzag in the Baltic Sea. Similarly, the country's maritime authorities said on Friday (17/2).

Danica Hav ship, according to Danish Navy spokesman, Kenneth Nielsen, was in cruise towards Luebeck, Germany, Sweden, on Thursday night until Friday. Ship was seen floating in the Great Belt Strait that separates the two main islands of Denmark. "We cannot make contact with the vessel," said Nielsen.

A helicopter sent to the ship and Navy personnel found the captain Russians were still asleep at the wheel. "Strong smell of alcohol pushed around," said Nielsen again.

The captain was flown to the station Roskilde. He then did a blood test there, eight hours after his arrest. The results showed an alcohol content of 2.18 grams per liter in their blood.

A judge in Holbaek the captain ordered detained until trial on March 13 for violating marine safety laws.

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