Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clean Cosmetics with Olive Oil

What do you usually use to clean the face of dirt and cosmetics? Most of choose the milk cleanser or make-up remover. However, if you're running out of the two products, you can try cleaning the face with olive oil.

Maybe you're a little dubious effectiveness of olive oil as a cleanser face makeup. But, try to remember chemistry lessons at school, who said that the chemicals will readily soluble in the material properties and chemical structure similar to the material. Make-up is often made from a mixture of oil and wax, because it's the most fitting solution to remove oil from the face.

This material was also carried out by experts to create products cosmetics make-up remover or facial cleansing oil based. Which is a liquid cleanser is usually made of pure oil mixed with some other materials. While facial cleansing cream shaped like a milk cleanser and cold cream made from oil mixed with water, emulsifiers, and thickeners.

Standard facial cleansers are not always able to clean make-up completely, because no oil-based. Generally, facial cleanser designed to remove dirt and oil on the surface of the face alone, and do not clean the whole. To remove the oil that remains in the face of cosmetics, facial cleansers typically use materials such as detergents. Material like this is very dangerous for the face. Because even able to remove make-up, detergent will also remove the natural oils on your face and make your skin dry.

The more gentle facial cleanser you used, the less its ability to remove wax and oil from cosmetics. Preferably, use a make-up that contains oil (oil base) or just use pure olive oil, so the face is perfectly clean and keep moisture.

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