Friday, February 10, 2012

The Russian military officer turned out CIA Spy

MOSCOW - A Russian army field officer was jailed for 13 years because it proved to be a spy for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for many years.

Russia's FSB intelligence service said Friday (2/10/2012), an officer named Lt. Col. Vladimir Nesterets during this work as one of the engineers on the rocket launch center Plesetsk in northern Russia.

"In the trial, pleaded guilty Nesterets gave confidential information about the new strategic missiles in Russia to the CIA," a statement from the KGB successor agency without giving further details of this case.

Although the Cold War is over, the U.S. and Russia still stalking each other and share power still has the largest arsenal of nuclear missiles in the world. Later, re-strained relations between the two countries related to several issues, including the European missile shield program was initiated by the United States and NATO, and different positions in a variety of problems in the Middle East.

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