Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PM David Cameron Shop at Marrisons Supermarket

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, is seen waiting in line at the checkout in a supermarket in Devon, Friday (3/2/2012), with a basket full of fresh fish and vegetables for his family's dinner menu.

Daily Mail report, Cameron went into prong Morrisons supermarket on the way home to the Oxfordshire, after a long day in Plymouth, Devon, to meet with the Royal Navy (RM) United Kingdom. He spent about 15 minutes in the supermarket on the outskirts of the city. Cameron looks down the hallways was surprisingly a number of supermarkets and other customers. He chose to eat items such as fish, potatoes, lemon, and fruits.

One of the buyers who are in the same store over a surprise during Cameron visit says, "he entered line and conduct transactions. There are a number of people chatting with him while he's in line, it makes it took about five minutes before it is served by the cash register. "

A number of other buyers seem confused by the visit. People that are in front of Cameron in line playing with his phone while waiting to pay for groceries. That guy seems to not realize that there is a VIP visitor in line behind him.

Mike Cliff, Manager of Plymstock, stores visited Cameron, said, "We are surprised and delighted to see the Prime Minister appeared on Morrisons to shopping weekend."

Prior to the supermarket, Cameron visited the Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth, the headquarters of the Royal Navy. He also toured Devonport Dockyard. There he saw a nuclear submarine and stop at Endsleigh Garden Centre in Ivybridge where he met the staff.

If Cameron wants to raise the image or get free publicity with valid befits normal? I Do Not Know. To be sure, several times already Cameron doing things that aren't normally done important officials of a country. Last year he went holiday both with his wife to Spain by using commercial aircraft.

During a visit to Italy, on last summer, demand for help to a girl maid Cafe coffee cups to move to another table was denied. The girl does not know if his guest that is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Two weeks ago, he also made headlines when helped his nanny, a woman from Nepal, which seemed to panic while parked the car in front of Downing Street, home and Office of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

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