Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cleverly Avoid Pregnancy While Valentine Day

AS married couples, Valentine moments can be put to good use to glue the relationship. But the strategy you should fuck that went through family planning programs does not fail in the middle of the road.
Here's how to avoid pregnancy while Valentine, as reported by Boldsky.

1. First you need to have a condom to be used if needed. This is not always you should prepare before traveling because normally you will forget. Provide only when arriving at the location on a date with my husband.

2. Make sure you always carry bags on any party. What does it do? Just slip a condom on it. You definitely could've guessed where the husband wants direction after party instead?

3. If you use condoms spiral, make sure you've checked the level efectivity.

4. If you are using contraceptive pills, don't forget to drink it during this period.

5. If you have started taking any pill at the beginning of the month, then don't then feel secure. Pills take one month to begin to show results, i.e. pressing the ovulation process itself. So, you can't rely on the pills just to protect you from unwanted pregnancy.

6. This is the easiest thing to calculate safe period (the time you will not ovulate), provided you have a regular period. But if you are not sure, use strip ovulation. Enter your strip in Miss V on the morning of Valentine's Day and see if you're ovulating. If yes, then you must be careful to double.

7. Use of emergency contraceptive pills without doctor's prescription is not a good thing for your ovulation, but still can be useful when you feel the precautions failed to do.

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