Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pilot Dies in Air Aircraft Emergency Landing

An ATR-42 passenger plane owned airline Czech Airlines made an emergency landing at Ruzyne International Airport in Prague, Czech Republic, on Wednesday (2/15/2012), after the pilot suddenly ill and died in the middle of the flight.

Propeller-engine aircraft was en route from Warsaw, Poland, to Prague to carry 46 passengers. Once you know the state of emergency, immediately took the initiative to co-pilot landed the plane as soon as possible.

Once landed at Ruzyne airport, an ambulance immediately closes to the plane on the apron. However, the pilot's life could have been saved. "Doctors cannot help, the captain of the plane was already dead," said Hana Hejskova, a spokesman for Czech Airlines, the airline owned by the Czech Government.

The airline said the landing went smoothly and the passenger safety was not threatened.

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