Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fake Megaupload Emerges

The technicians behind Megaupload may be struggling to restore the site Megaupload presence with a new domain. However, behind their cause, there are many parties who use it to make fake Megaupload domain. The hackers are making domain addresses that may seem like a new website address Megaupload.

To Computer World, Sandvine CTO, Don Bowman, as the vendor of Internet traffic service providers say, imitation sites using phishing techniques. Phishing is the transfer of the original address to a website from a fake address posing as the original site. Open like a mirror, phishing is a mirror of the original website address.

Hackers often use phishing sites to lure visitors' personally identifiable, including personal data and credit card accounts. This method is known as the fastest way to get visitors data and breaking into a credit card.

Bowman added that the way to find out whether the site is fake or genuine is by entering the wrong password. If still can log in, even enter the wrong password, then it is likely the site is fake.

Previously, Megaupload attorney stating that the site is hoping to come back online. Megaupload has servers scattered around the world and allow it to be online again outside the U.S. This is made possible by a policy of backing up sites owned Megaupload.

"However, this depends on the person who dared to take risks to turn Megaupload back," said Bowman. He added, Megaupload could have sold its assets and letting Megaupload ongoing operations outside the U.S.

While waiting for the decision Megaupload, Bowman reminded that Internet users do not be fooled fake site Megaupload. It has also been made anonymous when sending a new IP address Megaupload, as a closed domain replacement Megaupload Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Anonymous hackers to remind visitors to be careful to disguise the site Megaupload.

Although Anonymous supports Megaupload, who can guarantee that the IP address that is spread Anonymous is not phishing?

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