Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Samira Ibrahim, the Bravest Girl in Egypt

Samira Ibrahim was named the bravest girl in Egypt. On Monday, 6 February 2012, she again faced court martial. Samira (25) demanding the military accused of rape after undergoing tests in a test called "virginity".

"Since the outbreak of the revolution, women experienced a two-fold emphasis: from the authorities and the Muslims," said Samira told Radio Netherlands.

On March 9, 2011, along with 16 other girl Samira detained in Tahrir square. Four days of the bypassed forts in the military prison is the worst nightmare in her life. Samira Express has experienced various kinds of physical and moral torture.

An officer forced Samira and the other girl to undress them, witnessed by the leadership of the jail, soldiers, and other officers. She said, their virginity should be examined.

Samira Ibrahim files charges to the military for alleged rape. On December 27, 2011, the judge had issued a ban on virginity tests.

What is this a victory? Just halfway down because these demands simultaneously weakened by military courts to be "noble cause pollution". According to the law in Egypt, this offence cannot be subject to punishment.

"First they acknowledge the existence of the virginity test. However, after that, the court martial acts as if the insult occurs only with the words nasty, "said Samira fiery.”This proves the military protect the perpetrators. The perpetrators are now just stand and watch. "

Samira does not expect much from the trial. "The Court does not work independently. My case is a piece of drama, directed and performed by the military Council. "

Even so, Samira insisted to demand its rights. If possible, she would like to see the military is dragged into the International Court.

The Bravest Girl

Samira was hailed as "the bravest girl in Egypt". Although the laughing heard it, he realized very well what it finds itself. Her small time she did head stone. In fact, since 2003 she calls herself as a human rights activist.

Because of its legal case against the military, Samira lost her job as Director of marketing. She was also often heard threats, such as "she should not go to the Tahrir of that time".

Samira speaks, "the only one who supports is my family". For the younger sister and brother, Samira is a hero.

Her father who was an activist of the left and the Islamic sympathizers are also supported. The father knows well the atrocities experienced by his daughter because of ever being held also in the reign of President Mubarak.

"Since the outbreak of the revolution, women not only sexually intimidated, which is indeed from there used to be in Egypt, but also pressed by the cruel and the Muslims," says Samira.

Thus, the position of women increasingly depressed and easily abused. Currently, the Center is encouraged to support via Facebook and Samira demonstration. Meanwhile, activists Aliaa al-Mahdi cornering after protesting the authorities to publish a nude photos of her.

Samira is one of the few who openly supports the Alia. "Although the trick is a bit different from our traditions and customs, which Egypt girl still Aliaa free to express herself," said Samira.

Women should protect themselves, firmly Samira Ibrahim. Although raises sympathy, Samira considers the sequence of men protecting women demonstrations recently is not important.

"I don't need a man to protect, I can be myself. I, right, not weak. "

In addition, Samira Ibrahim added, "in which the man was of my time and the other girl was forced to nude dancing in public?"

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