Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beyond Reality Lottery Online

All people must want to get easy money, and you sometimes get a notification email that you win a big lottery.

This template is usually the same kind of spam, users are told that they won large sums of money in a lottery and to receive the prize they have to pay some money. Although it seems tempting, but it is in fact nothing more than mere fraud network.

Maria Rubinstein, Spam Kaspersky Lab Analyst, explained that fraud is often committed by fraudsters and also tips on how to distinguish the lottery fraud message and the original notice.

In the online scams, usually the recipient was asked to send money, the amount of several hundred to thousands of dollars, to accelerate the delivery of prizes. This is of course to meet expenses such as commission money transfers, taxes, fees for opening bank accounts, and others.

'Winners' of the lucky ones usually see the amount that must be spent not much compared to the money they win. But after the money is paid, the sender of the email disappears and hard to find anymore.

According to him, many, many ways to recognize this lottery scam. Some of them are way, if you do not buy lottery tickets, you cannot possibly win a prize.
"Your name is not mentioned. If the lottery is really done and recipients participating in the lottery, their names will be included in the email (or the number of lottery tickets)," Maria said in a written release.

Notifications are sent via the common server, such as, or, are not formal grammar. Such messages are usually derived from machine translation.

In addition, recipients are asked to reply to e-mail to a different address from the address of the sender, for example, to address "agents" or "manager".

To ensure the authenticity of the notice is received, use the search engine to check the information received in email such as sweepstakes and sender's name and phone number. Complete information will appear on the search performed.

"According to Kaspersky Lab statistics, 3 percent of all spam that there is a fake lottery notification, this means that thousands of emails every month. In order to avoid this scam, you just need to follow the easy steps as above. And more importantly, remember: there is no a free lunch! "Said Maria Rubinstein.

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