Monday, February 20, 2012

Facebook Allow Accounts With Fake Name

California - Facebook provides privileges for celebrities and public figures to use pseudonyms in their accounts. How, they lived to verify the account and register the name of the desired alternative.

Citing reports Cnet, Monday, February 20, 2012, this step is done to prevent fraud and the action of the hackers who try to break into the accounts of famous people's.

Facebook will enact the account verification program starting this week. Celebrities who got their first chance to use a pseudonym are Lady Gaga.

According to Facebook, this feature allows the fans more easily access your singers, like Lady Gaga, instead of using his real name, Stefani Germanotta.

For people who want to take advantage of well-known pseudonym of this verification feature, can apply through their account and upload your photo on the card identity. From here, Facebook will then approve or not approve the proposed pseudonym.

Account verification program is in line with the subscription service that allows any Facebook user gets the latest information about the celebrity or character they admire.

Facebook Introduces The New Service

Facebook plans to launch a verified account with a nickname today. This social networking site will eventually tell you the steps to verify their account.

Reporting from Techcrunch (16/2), the way it works is the user's Facebook account is verified and then will have the option to display the alternate name. The move is reminiscent of other social networking and the Google + Twitter.

Facebook will verify the user by asking for ID, if it is not available then two alternative ID, such as job ID, or credit card. Facebook will manually verify the name and then permanently delete the document. Facebook users will then be verified and can change their real name with a nickname.

For the time being, Facebook will provide a separate invitation to the Facebook user to get this new service.

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