Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women Lining Up Unplug Breast Implant

CARACAS — long line took place at a number of institutions that deal with plastic surgery in a number of cities in Latin America. The women come to consult about their breast implants a troubled and dangerous to his health, as well as the question of the possibility of implant could be immediately revoked.

AP, Tuesday (12/1/2012), reported that thousands of women in Latin America choose consult a physician about the possibility of a failed breast implant which they wear. They generally use Poly implant Prothese (PIP) Implants of troubled French. PIP is evident in some cases have caused health risks to users.

"Like a ball of snow," said Dr. Ignacio Sousa, a plastic surgeon who has received dozens of women patients every day since this case started welling in December 2011. The French Government urged immediate implant users because the disk is harmful to their bodies.

These implants have the greatest scandal happened in Venezuela. There are an estimated 16,000 women in that country to use PIP implants. This condition makes women Venezuela, commonly known as they often won the contest beautiful beauty queen world levels, as users are the largest per capita implant. PIP implants used at most before it was withdrawn from the market in 2010.

More than 4,000 women Venezuela has established contact through Facebook in order to share information related to the problematic of this implant PIP. Because, there are 35,000 to 40,000 women in this country did a surgical implant plantings each year. This number is steadily growing.

So far, it is unclear how many women in Latin America who use PIP implants. However, their number reached tens of thousands. French authorities estimate, there are 300,000 women around the world use PIP implants.

Plastic surgery society Brazil said, there are about 20,000 women in that country to use breast implant or implants that PIP is also problematic output Rofil Medical BV from the Netherlands. In Colombia, plastic surgery Association, about 14,000 pairs of mentioning the implants sold there. Thousands of PIP implants are also known to have sold in Argentina.

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