Saturday, February 4, 2012

Court Refuses Bail Kim Megaupload Schitz

Court of Auckland, New Zealand, rejecting the appeal lodged boss Megaupload, Kim Schmitz. Previously, Schmitz asks freed with a number of security deposits.

The rejection show judges agree with the opinion of the Prosecutor that the Dotcom, call Schmitz, most likely to flee before he is extradited. With that decision, then the Dotcom should continue to be in confinement until his extradition hearing was held on 22 February at a later date.

In consideration, the judge sees Dotcom as well as bank accounts have a passport with at least three different names. With documents and a wealth of it, the risk is extremely high court lost a Dotcom. "The judge concludes risk Schmitz escape big enough even though he has been monitored by electronic device," said attorney Anne Toohey.

New Zealand police with Interpol arrest Dotcom on 20 January. On the arrest, his attorney pointing fingers have to dredge the profits of US $ 175 million (USD 1.5 trillion) of the distribution of movies, music, and content copyright Dotcom done without permission. But the accusations were refuted. Dotcom Company just provides a place claiming to storage data online. Therefore, he refused to be extradited.

"All my assets have been frozen, businesses have also closed. I had no intention of fleeing to Germany, "said Dotcom. Male 38 years that any reasonably not want was arrested for having three kids who are still small. "My wife being pregnant twins. I only want to be with them. "

While in custody, the Dotcom confessed to ever get strange visit from a man who claimed to be the local prosecutor. The Prosecutor requested a number of stipends to itself as a guarantee. Even so, he refused to tell anyone the name of Prosecutor.

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