Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Owner of Megaupload Arrested

The story of the arrest of the founder and leader of the main site Megaupload download sites, Kim Schmitz turned out like a Hollywood action movie. Dozens of police formed a barricade in front of the New Zealand Mansion Dotcom another name Kim Schmitz. Not only from the front of the House, atop a helicopter already in case if Dotcom trying to escape by air, the arrests Friday, January 20, 2012.

Police had to be cut from a large electronic lock that leads to the storage space, the Dotcom hiding. "Even though we've asked employees to identify themselves who the person in the House, Mr. Dotcom precisely chosen dwell in the House and enable a number of key electronics," said Detective Inspector of Financial Crime Agency New Zealand, and Grant Wormald.

According to the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), throughout the 2010 course Dotcom has garnered the gold coffers by up to 42 million of pirated materials. In the United States, Dotcom Company indicted for the crime of distributing content that is contains intellectual property.

The authority of the United States recalled that the case involves the largest Dotcom is about copyright crimes throughout history. Copyright losses for crimes were estimated at 500 million USD.

In the raids, police found a number of New Zealand luxury car and gun barrel lengths from Mansion Dotcom.  Rolls Royce, Cadillac pink and Mercedes reportedly licensed with license plates that are unreadable to hackers, Mafia, and God.

Viewed from a distance, this seems like a Mansion belonging to the Dotcom inspired by Hollywood movies. He named the House with "Dotcom Mansion". Although large, but this is just a rental house. Dotcom failed the test of "good character" to be a citizen of New Zealand. Thus He was forbidden to buy property.

The Megaupload shout down, influential not only to consumers but also a company based in Washington. Internet provider services company Cogent Communication Group recorded the largest incomes decreased over the past three years. More than 19 percent of revenue lost due to the closure of Megaupload. For they are equipment suppliers Megaupload.

Ranging from computers, broadband internet, hosting and support services provided by Cogent Communications Group. Megaupload is reported to have been the transfer of 30 million USD to Cogent since February 2009 through July 2011. The FBI also has come to the headquarters of Cogent. According to analysts, is not only a Cogent will lose the source of funds, but its competitors such as Level 3 Communications Inc. and Global Crossing are also at risk of being closed for the same reason.

Closing down the site Megaupload on Thursday 19 January 2012 raises the ire of Hackers. A group calling themselves Anonymous paved a number of United States State Agency site. Sites that fell victim to a site belonging to the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


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