Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mega Upload Closed, Us Government Computer Networks Were Attacked By Hackers

The hacker has targeted attack on computer networks and the Organization of the United States Government copyright following the closure of the file-sharing site Megaupload.

U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), FBI, and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPPA) among which bombarded with traffic (traffic) Internet, write in his latest report on the BBC.

Web links have been distributed, when clicked, the user's computer from catching. A declaration associates a group of hackers Anonymous as responsible.

DoJ announced on Thursday that they have taken action to force the Megaupload and related domain name offline, and accused the founders of that file-sharing site and a number of others had violated the Act of piracy.

Four people have been arrested in employee Megaupload Auckland, New Zealand at the request of the U.S. Government. Police also seized cash, expensive cars, and short-barreled rifle from the estate of Kim Schmitz, Germany men, company founder Kim Dotcom owner Megaupload.

They appeared in court on Friday (20/1). One of their lawyers initially objected when the media asked take their picture, but the accused say they don't mind because there's nothing to hide.

Their site is operating in Hong Kong has been accessed 150 million users and over 50 million hits a day. Supported celebrity Kim Kardashian's famous model and singer Alicia Keys and Kanye West and others, making that page as one high-profile file sharing sites.

News about the arrest of people floating around a day after thousands of Megaupload website taking part in the action to protest the proposed blackout law anti-piracy, but DoJ stated that two things are unrelated.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice notes that the charges against judges issued on employee Megaupload 5 last January.

Several hours later a statement attributed to the twitter account @ AnonymousWiki contains Anonymous hacker group recognition that it had launched an attack on Government websites and the music industry.

He said that the 10 sites have been offline because their action, in response to the closure of the site Megaupload, including the FBI, Universal Music, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), and Hadopi-France government institutions which protect creative works on the Internet.

On Friday (20/1), Universal web page displays the message: "this site is under maintenance. Let's hope it can come back soon. "

The page offline also reported the Hadopi are there is a "technical problem". Yet another site in the list of Anonymous remains displayed.

Blog Internet security company Sophos said that the attack was carried out by spreading links via Twitter and other parts of the Internet's distributed attacks denial-of-service (DDoS).

If you are visiting the website in question and do not download the disabled javascript, you will immediately, without any user interaction, began flooding the website traffic to the targeted with unwanted Anonymous, helped strengthen the DDoS attacks, says Sophos.

This shows that the attack entered illegally, which means users, took part in actions that violate the law.

A tweet from a single account that is associated with Anonymous indicated that efforts are being made to revive the Megaupload.

Links attached to intermittently directs users to a site that is similar to the website that is under attack. Address using the domain name .bz indicating it was registered in Belize.

A blogger recalls that that site is a scam designed to steal information from your visitors.

Analysts say there is a risk in that Anonymous campaign could distort the larger campaign against the anti-piracy, Stop Online Anti-piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

Anonymous campaign that could give rise to counterproductive if the legal adviser to the pro-SOPA and PIPE it as depicting the actions of those who oppose such laws.

Elsewhere, the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee increased his support for campaign against SOPA, BBC reported.

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