Monday, January 30, 2012

Tri-Turbo Engine Technology will be on the Adoption of a Porsche 911

Some time ago BMW several times demonstrated their latest generation turbo engine diesel; along with new technology they are using the BMW TwinPower Turbo-(Tri-Turbo). And it seems the technology is not to be used on the latest generation of BMW. For the current Porsche has applied for a patent for a machine that will be attributed to the tri turbo Porsche 911 in 2013.

When using the machine tri turbo, Porsche 911 performance 2013 will hopefully generate power more than 350 HP. due to the latest-generation Porsche 911, which was launched late last year equipped the machine with a capacity of 3.4-boxer-liter inline six-cylinder engine and is capable of producing 350 dk.

And Porsche 911 Turbo estimated manpower will be increased to more than 550 dk when S Turbo system works. If this technology was done perfectly, so with the same system will hopefully be used in a variant of the 911 GT2 and 996 GT2 RS.

Because with this new system, some of the products of BMW was able to produce vehicles that produce low exhaust emissions. So did hope Porsche towards the development of this technology on next-generation 911 Turbo 2013.

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