Monday, January 30, 2012

Porsche Boxster Latest Version Is Present

Manufacturer of Automotive Germany, Porsche has just released the third generation of cars Porsche Boxster, lighter and comes with a much improved engine performance.

Comes with aluminum construction, this vehicle is defeated a second generation Boxster which reduced its weight 35 kg.

In the present version of the Boxster, where these vehicles borrowed engine from the Porsche 911 Electric Power. As for his strength comes from engine 2.7 with power 256 hp, while for Boxster s., with the engine capable of pumping power 3.4 up to 315 hp. Customer may choose between a dual clutch gearbox (PDK) or manual transmission, while the car will use the start-stop feature. Porsche Boxster standard requires 5.7 seconds to sprint with a range from 0-62 mph, while the Boxster S only took 5 seconds to perform the same job

Porsche Boxster 981 will make debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. As for entering the market, this car is present in the us during the summer and in Europe starting April 2012.

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