Monday, January 30, 2012

Lady GaGa Concert Ended in Court

Despite all the way came to cheer, but the appearance of Lady GaGa in Russia finally resulted not went sour. Instead of profit, management of Lady GaGa and even had to deal with the law.

Offered from Aceshowbiz, one of the firm's management has been sued by TV ZAO service due to the appearance of Lady GaGa doesn't match their expectations. As a result, they claimed to suffer losses of up to $ 1.5 million.

The incident stems from the desire of ZAO to bring Lady GaGa to perform in TV award show MUZ-last June. They have provided paid on GaGa, but it turns out that her appearance did not match expectations so that ZAO felt it necessary to ask for compensation.

It has agreed with the management company based in Miami, but up to now, money damages has not yet been returned. In addition to money damages, management also had debts of $ 300,000 as a discount fee was agreed upon in advance.

The firm itself must be subject to the SAP out of anger because of management that ZAO presents chanter Born This Way. However when the show did not go smoothly, even demanding his money back ZAO full indemnity cost

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