Monday, January 30, 2012

Prototype Ford Fiesta 2013 Caught on Camera in Europe

Since the first Ford Fiesta set foot to the automotive markets of the world, the number of this ever-increasing demand for cars and even also used in rally racing. And since mid-2008 the sale of Ford Fiesta sedan on the market hactchback and the U.S. and Europe continue to rise.

With that success, the manufacturer would have launched the latest generation Ford Fiesta 2013. And it is like being delivered from a photograph motorauthority managed to capture the Fiesta prototype models being tested in Europe.

As always, the car will use the prototype gear camoulfage to cover the outer shape of a new vehicle. But usually and most will cover the entire car prototype bodynya that crowds do not know the existence of a new vehicle. But this only covers the Fiesta on the front of the car, so changes to this will be a Fiesta in 2013 is different from display the front of the car.

If viewed from the front fascia design if observed rigorously it would seem there are similarities with the New Ford Modeo/Fusion. As well as the visible rows of LED lights embedded pretty below the headlights. While the shape of the grille, a subcompact models of the Ford Motor Company, who seem to take a Ford Fiesta ST grille design Concept that had emerged in the year.

In addition to the body that caught the camera, but also the car log book, where there are specifications of the New Fiesta. The prototype uses a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine 1.0 L GDI, and capable of producing a maximum of 80 hp. and variants to be produced in the United Kingdom will be equipped with a turbo.

From the view of the preparation of a new product made Ford Fiesta 2013, predicted and hopefully by the time the Geneva Motor Show, held in March 2012, 2013 shows Ford Fiesta exists of the original.

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