Monday, February 27, 2012

Megaupload Users will Sue the FBI

Megaupload users said they would sue the FBI because Megaupload has closed unexpectedly. This causes those users who store personal data on megaupload, should lose their data and cannot access it anymore.
"Megaupload sudden closure is unfounded and completely disproportionate. Not in accordance with the intended purpose," said Pirates of Catalonia.

To that end, Pirate Parties International from various countries is currently compiling a list of users who are disadvantaged. Potential violations of U.S. law are traced from the case. In the near future, the lawsuit will be filed with the U.S. government.

Due to the dependence

Megaupload users also expressed his disappointment through Twitter. Not a few users who rely on Megaupload data storage services in daily life.

Various projects in the works, videos, personal memories, and other data that has nothing to do with the problem of piracy, have lost just because the FBI rushes action.

# Megaupload is one thing that helps me send big files to my group mates when we're making projects  ... bring it back... (write an account owner @ nicole8angel)

Struggling though not sure

Although these data are not sure they will come back, Megaupload users still feel the need to fight for their rights.

The FBI is demanding early step internet users to defend themselves from legal violations made by others, including the FBI.

Legal experts and human rights activists have also expressed readiness to support this action.

For anyone who wants to register a case, or support, can participate through this website.

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