Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wow! Anambas Become Most Beautiful Tropical Island of Asia

The good news for Indonesia! Anambas be ranked first as the most beautiful tropical islands in the Asia version of Position Anambas managed to overtake four other tropical islands in Asia.

Peeking from, Tuesday (04/17/2012), Anambas Islands as the first ranked most beautiful tropical islands in Asia, beating four competitors in Asia.

This award was good news for tourism in Indonesia. The selection of the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia is not done spontaneously. No training while also satisfying the battle, asked directly Herman Ho is also the managing editor of Asia 2012 Boath and Stuart McDonald, the founder and editor

It can be tough to choose this as the tropical islands that hold immense charm in Southeast Asia. Vast expanse of Blue Ocean, the location of the hidden sea diving and marine life, marine biota and pristine coral reefs characteristic of tropical islands in Southeast Asia.

Finally, they took out five names that a candidate's most beautiful tropical islands, namely Koh Cang from Thailand, Langkawi of Malaysia, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Similand Islands are located in Thailand, and Anambas Islands of Indonesia. In fact, the five islands came from Southeast Asia.

Well, this is the archipelago of five islands Anambas ranked first. To rank next, followed by Anambas Koh Chang (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Halong Bay (Vietnam), and the Similan Islands (Thailand). The five of them does have a uniqueness and beauty of each. However, the islands are located in Batam Island, Riau province. Riau has more value than all the beauty that has not been contaminated by human hands.

As said by Herman Ho, that the collection of the island in eastern Indonesia Sea is a mandatory right for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Under one of them uninhabited island offers a natural lagoon with crystal clear blue sea and beautiful coral reefs. If continue to enter into the island became one of Anambas chain you will find a fun place to picnic and one with nature.

Yes, Anambas Islands deserve the first rank. Has an area of ​​about 98.73 percent, Anambas also has 238 islands with beaches are very beautiful. Crystal white sand and some islands are famous for turtle habitat, adding to the attraction of tourists to come to this island.

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