Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korea Rocket Launch Fails, UN Security Council held emergency meetings

New York, in response to long-range rocket launch North Korea that failed to reach orbit, the UN Security Council plans to hold an emergency meeting today. The meeting was intended to give an official response to North Korea's rocket launch and it seems there will be new sanctions against the communist country.

UN Security Council meeting will be held at around 14:00 GMT time at the UN headquarters in New York, USA. A total of 15 member states will participate in the meeting.

5 State of the UN Security Council permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States (U.S.), has held a series of informal meetings on the issue of this North Korean rocket. It is estimated also that this meeting will result in an official statement that the UN Security Council condemning the North's actions.

Similarly, as reported by AFP on Friday (04/13/2012).

North Korea launched a long-range rocket Unha-3, which consists of three sections, at 7:39 pm local time, from a secret area near the border with China. The rocket was on the air as far as 120 km, but then fell in the Yellow Sea near South Korea's territory. The rocket reportedly exploded into 20 pieces and fell on the western coast of South Korea.

Rocket launch was conducted in order to commemorate the 100th birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il-Sung, which falls on 15 April. Despite the criticism and condemnation of many, but the authorities insisted on North Korea launched a long-range rocket it.

North Korea repeatedly asserted that the rocket launch was for peaceful purposes, namely to put a satellite in orbit in outer space. However, Western countries still maintain that the launch was a disguised missile test, which is clearly prohibited by the United Nations.

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