Monday, April 2, 2012

Kim Dotcom: U.S. Officials Have 16 Thousand Account in Megaupload

United States - not just civilians, U.S. officials were also avail the services Megaupload. In fact, according to Kim Dotcom, founder Megaupload, accounted for more than 16 thousand.

Ironic. Moreover, the U.S. government had been forced to close Megaupload for allegedly distributing pirated content. But behind the seat of government officials in the land of Uncle Sam was too busy enjoying the Megaupload service.

This finding is true is revealed some time ago. But then Kim Dotcom not sure how many U.S. officials that a customer service site.

Quoted of TorrentFreak, Tuesday (03/27/2012), the latest findings of a team of lawyers Dotcom Kim mentioned that there are more than 16 thousand accounts held by U.S. officials on Megaupload.

From all accounts, 1058 of whom are registered with the domain,,,,,, and A total of 344 of all these manifold premium account and have uploaded the data of 1,851,791 MB.

But most of it is coming from the U.S. military domain. A total of 15 634 accounts have been registered domain,,, and Amazingly, 10 223 of them use the premium account with a total file uploaded files or as many as 340 983 of 96,507,779 MB.

So far, Megaupload is synonymous with a variety of illegal content, but there is a possibility if the file sharing sites that also uses other storage media. For example, to put large email attachments or any data that is not possible via email.

But unfortunately, did not mention what type of file that consumed U.S. officials on Megaupload.

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