Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have Fun with sex workers, 12 US Presidential Guards Discharged

Cartagena - A total of 12 members of security forces released in the U.S. presidential guard of President Barack Obama on American Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, Friday (04/14/2012), after the fad caught with commercial sex workers (CSWs) local. They immediately returned to the United States.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan, in Washington DC to admit there are allegations of indecent acts committed during the presidential guard in Cartagena. However, it does not justify or deny the action was related to prostitution.

Parties to the Associated Press know this issue after a call from someone who knows the case. The caller said the presidential guard was relieved at being caught with a prostitute fun.

The White House would not comment on these issues, but also not denied the incident. A U.S. government official, who refused to be named, said there are 12 Secret Service agents who were returned to the United States.

The Washington Post newspaper quoted Jon Adler, President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association of the United States, which said at least one of the 12 were known prankster with a local prostitute.

Donovan said, the agents involved in the case of indecent act was immediately repatriated to the U.S. and submitted to the Office of Professional Responsibility of the Secret Service for further processing. They were immediately replaced by new agents.

He added that this incident occurred before President Obama arrived in Cartagena on Friday night. Obama attended a dinner at an old Spanish fort in Cartagena, on Friday night, before attending a summit with the heads of state in the region, Saturday and Sunday.

According to an employee of Hotel Caribe, where the Secret Service, the presidential staff, and journalists stay, the presidential guard arrived at the hotel since last week. Over there, they reportedly often have a drink. Parties to the hotel publicist declined to comment.

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