Friday, April 6, 2012

6 Options Attractive and Alternative Website

We have traced the internet and found some interesting websites that in our opinion.

 We pay attention to aspects of ease of use, easy navigation, the completeness of the information provided, feature of social interaction between users, and also the no less important, an interesting interface but still comfortable.

Everything we summarized in the following reviews.

Who does not know HTC? Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer does have a diverse product range and complete smartphone. In addition, HTC is characterized by it’s on any smartphone, especially those that use the Android operating system, the display interface called HTC Sense.

HTC Sense is a special interface developed by HTC with attractive appearance, and comes with various features, including integration with various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. website is a site devoted to HTC users in continental Europe, especially Denmark. This site appears to use the flash in full, including the navigation menu.

First appearance is also very interesting, in the form of boxes arranged diagonally, the boxes contain information about the products shown, as well as explanation of the various other features. Try just click one of the phones are displayed, will show a video containing a brief description of the product. Then there is also the navigation menu to the HTC website to obtain more complete specification information.

Although the navigation menu that is displayed on is fairly clear, it is still confusing for visitors who do not understand the Danish language for all menus and navigation is available in that language. This is compounded by the unavailability of the option to change it to English or other languages.

In addition, the use of flash in full obviously need a fast connection to access it, so it may not be appropriate if the target audience is the majority of Internet users with slow connections. is a music-themed site where users can create personalized playlists of music in accordance with their respective interests. For example, you like the kind of pop music, you can upload music that you like, and combine them into one playlist (on this site is called the mix). After that, the playlist or mix you have created it can also be heard by other users.

If you already are using social networking Twitter, of course you already know the term Following and followers. The term is also present in this site. Yes, users can also 8tracks each to -"follow" each other and also leave comments on playlists created by other users. site provides two types of membership. The first course for free memberships. You can use all the features available with several display ads in some parts. The other ad-free membership cost of U.S. $ 25 for a period of 6 months.

Music sharing sites like this are vulnerable to distortion of copyright. But do not worry, claim that all music is uploaded and played by its users is legal because pays all royalties and license the songs are there to the association concerned.

Let's say you're busy surfing the internet to find the information you need. Then you find an item that you think is interesting, but irrelevant to the information you need. You are interested to find out more later.

Normally, you would then add that content to your bookmarks easily accessible in order to return someday. But with the increasing number of addresses that you add, usually bookmark in your web browser will increasingly accumulate and unruly.

As an alternative, the service is available to store the content that you find interesting. Services provided by Instapaper are quite simple but very useful. You need to register first to use the service Instapaper. Do not worry, registration is free.

After registering, you will be prompted to add a bookmark from your list of bookmarks to Instapaper. Bookmark this contains a script. When you're accessing a website and want to save the content to read later, you can simply use the bookmark from Instapaper. Then Instapaper will automatically save the URL that you saved.

The entire content, of which you've saved, will be accessible again on your profile page. You can access these pages back in full view, it could be a text-only display that is much lighter.

In addition, you also can share content that you have saved it to your friends via social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Oh yes, Instapaper can also be accessed via the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle.

In addition to Google's search engine is the most famous, in fact there are many other alternative search engines that also can be utilized in finding information. is one of them. If Google now has become a highly sophisticated search engine that can provide various kinds of information, ranging from content, images, video, up to the location, including being able to guess the keyword that you enter, it appears very simple combines various sources of existing search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, Blekko, and several other search engines. But do not just take search results and display them for granted, but also refine your search results with sources that they can own, so the results are expected to be better targeted, and almost no spam.

When you enter a keyword, will try to find an official definition of these keywords. If not available, DuckDuckGo will instantly display the search results accordingly.

In addition, to make search results more precisely targeted, DuckDuckGo will feature some of the words on the right which is roughly relevant to the keywords you enter. Simply click on the words to add them into the search box. is a web-based application that lets users share a computer screen with others connected to the internet.

By using this application, you can easily hold meetings, make presentations or discussions with your colleagues, as well as showing the view you want to show to your peers.

To share your screen with other users, you can simply download a small application onto your computer, and then run. The application will provide as much as 9-digit code. Give the 9-digit code to the colleagues who would you invite, and an invitation via e-mail is automatically sent immediately.

After that, your colleagues can simply access the link provided on the e-mail, or can also enter a 9 digit code provided on the site After that they will be able to immediately see your screen display. site provides two types of membership, the first is the free membership and no membership "Pro" at a cost of U.S. $ 29 per month or U.S. $ 299 per year with more feature complete, including support for up to 250 users.

In terms of safety, supported by 256-bit encryption so that safety is assured. After all, if you do not run the application, no other user can go in and peek at your desktop.

There is so many online shopping sites available today. Call it the big players like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and much more.
In addition, many other shopping sites that have a smaller scale.

Well, to attract visitors and prospective buyers, usually small sites offer a wide range of promotions, ranging from the super cheap price, to a variety of bonuses. But be careful, some sites have the potential of fraud, ranging from items that are not within specification, the money paid to run the consumer.

To reduce the likelihood cheated on shopping sites, especially those that are still small and not well known, you can find information about the site on

The site, founded by Jeremy Gin, Michael Lai, and Rodney Gin aims to help Internet users to recognize and know the reputation of a particular site. So, for example, say you want to know the reputation of the site a, you can look at SiteJabber site and read the reviews and testimonials of other users. You can also go to comment and add a rating according to your experience on the site.

SiteJabber main goal is to reduce the practice of scam and provide information on Internet users about sites that are safe and reliable place to visit.

Not just for shopping sites, here you can also find information on other websites, including news sites, entertainment, and others. Comments, testimony, and the rating given by the visitors can give you an idea for you on the reputation of the site.

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