Friday, April 6, 2012

Kim Dotcom Singing to Pay Legal Bills

Kim Dotcom Internet capo can use the proceeds from the album ''Amazing Dance” for his legal costs.
Conglomerate Internet piracy suspects yesterday won the right to terminate the recording of the album, while on bail, home detention conditions change means Dotcom can now use the Internet, a meeting with the co-defendant and swimming daily.

Dotcom said he expects the album, the first commercially successful.
'' I have a big bill, so that of all other types of income is welcome,'' said Dotcom outside the District Court of North Shore.

Dotcom founder Megaupload file-sharing company, was arrested at his home in Auckland in January, and was accused of copyright violation by the U.S. government. He and three other defendants, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk are pending a request for extradition hearing.

While the 38-year-Dotcom now allowed swimming in a pool of $ 40 million mansion, it would be just 90 minutes a day, preferably between the hours of 20:00 and 09:30.

If changes dotcom time, I had to clean it with his parole officer. This exercise has a back injury, he said.

While Dotcom pleased with his situation, his lawyer Paul Davison, QC, said that ideally he should be home in time as required by a state guarantee.

The demand will return soon, says Davison.

Dotcom Internet wants to help him prepare his defense.

'' I'm very happy to have Internet access. It will be much easier to work on this issue,'' said dotcom.

Weekly meetings to discuss the matter with his colleagues accused - another request was granted by Judge Harvey - also help the group prepare.

Dotcom can go into a studio to work on his album of Auckland two days a week but no more than four hours of the session.

If possible, judges want images of themselves in the studio to send his probation officer on arrival.

The album, from the year off, will feature music and dance collaboration with various international artists.

'' I think many people are surprised,'' said dotcom.

'' But I do not speak too much about it.''

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