Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hot Hot News - 7 Weird Spa Treatments

Spa with a beer or a facial with mud, it is still considered normal. Here are 7 spa treatment is very strange, even repulsive, from various parts of the world.

Snail Facial
     In Krasnoyars city in Siberia, snail slime is the source of eternal youth. At a spa in the Russian metropolis, African snails are available in various sizes, to be placed on the face and body. They secrete mucus enriched with glycolic acid and elastin, are believed to reduce wrinkles, wounds, and the signs of aging.

Snake Massage
The snake is probably the biggest fear many women, but you believe there are many women who are willing to pay 90 USD to let her body crawled by a snake? At a spa in Israel, three kinds of poisonous snakes are released in the face and back customers. Movement of their muscles when creep is believed to relieve painful joints and stiff muscles, much like a massage effect.

Fish Pedicure
In some Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Indonesia, this kind spa is probably not unusual. But for most countries in the world, foot care by letting the fish nibble away the skin is still considered unusual.

Fish Bath
In China, fish spa is not only limited in the foot. In Dr.Fish, a hot water resort in the city of Chongqing, spa lovers soak their entire body in a bathtub full of fish. If the fish has undermined all the dead skin on a person's body, believed the person will have a healthier aura.

Facial with bird excrement

     Only in New York, a city of eight million birds, pigeons, and bird droppings can be a commodity. By paying 50 USD, Shizuka New York Day Spa offers a Geisha Facials, made from bird droppings. Victoria Beckham is one of its customers, who believe that the dirt that has anti-acne enzyme.

Injection of sheep embryos
inger Debbie Harry recently revealed the secret of the smooth skin: black sheep embryo cell injection. "They will take from different organs. From the heart, of the gland, from the bone," he said, "and they will make it a shot. There were 11 shots, and I think it's amazing." Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland, starting anti-aging treatment, with cell rejuvenation since 1931. Although botox and filler is more popular, sheep cell injection treatment is considered as a treatment for rich people.

Facial with Leeches

The scientific name is Hirudotherapy, but it actually does is put a leech on your face. Treatment with blood-sucking leeches put on the skin is done in many spas in Russia. With 1000 USD, you can increase blood circulation and anti-inflammatory lines from leech saliva.