Monday, April 2, 2012

Kim Megaupload Dotcom Finally Can Taste The Internet Again

New Zealand - The founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom can finally breathe a little sigh of relief. Internet businesses are involved hijacking case it may taste the internet again after some time ago 'forbidden'.

Kim is currently serving a house arrest actually was anxiously awaiting extradition from New Zealand's decision to the United States. As is known, in Uncle Sam's, Kim was anticipated threat of copyright infringement claims in the world with total losses estimated at around EUR 500 million.

Only, the process still takes time. Reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, New Zealand judge who handled the case said that Kim had a phenomenal figure of exemplary behavior during the examination.

To that end, the authorities in New Zealand Kim also presented a number of facilities during the term of house arrest. Ranging from Internet access, go swimming once a day, travel to a music studio twice a week, to meet with colleagues who also was caught Megaupload case.

These facilities are of course very grateful for Kim. Because previously, these fat men 'forbidden' to access the internet by the court and should not be traveling over 80 miles and should not be a helicopter ride.

Kim himself was still in the mansion in Coatesville, Auckland, New Zealand. The man who changed his last name it was sent to prison on January 20 before being allowed to live outside prison because of security.

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