Friday, April 6, 2012

Nadal and Ronaldo 'Compete' then scramble Shoes

Rafael Nadal play tennis challenged by Cristiano Ronaldo, who even fights without a racket. Nadal vs Ronaldo duel was then terminated by the action of fighting shoes. What's up?
Nadal and Ronaldo are both elite athletes in the sports world today, although in different arena; Nadal engaged in the world of tennis, while Ronaldo was the star on the football field. But they've just put together in an intriguing ad.

The ad begins with Ronaldo, who suddenly appeared when Nadal was training, and challenged him to play tennis. Rather than using a racket as did Nadal, Ronaldo only "armed" shoes from Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII.

Action of the Real Madrid's Portuguese footballer that was not bad. He could return the blows typical Nadal with various tricks. Nadal was made to fall up.

Ronaldo impressed by the action, Nadal and then glanced at the foot of a footballer. Well, he was now inspired to try to wear shoes Ronaldo.

With shoe-clad Ronaldo, Nadal is now challenged to process change of the skin round, though still above the tennis courts. And... Wow, Nadal was so clever. He kicked the ball over the net with a volley, instead of making Ronaldo exhaustion. They both laughed together.

Ah, but the ad was not finished. At the end of the "game", like closing the match between the two players, Nadal and Ronaldo went to the net. However, not to be shaken.

Ronaldo, who approached the net with an outstretched hand, wants to reclaim his shoes, though Nadal reluctant to return.Ronaldo was jumping net to retrieve his shoes from the hands of Nadal, and they both end the "duel" with a scrambling shoe.

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