Monday, April 2, 2012

The Internet Learn from Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom, a hacker, that knowledge and created a site called Megaupload, recently arrested on charges of alleged copyright infringement. Although it was the best dog in the business, not just committed this crime, and many other key players have been arrested following the crime. Unfortunately, although this is obviously an intelligent man, you must use your brain for good, not bad. But that's not all bad and something good comes. See 10 things internet to learn from Kim dotcom.

    Locker cyber technology: this is called "infrastructure cloud storage Basically this technology allows you to store files that are too large for email free on the Internet so you can upload videos to have a big wedding and family were there to download  ... cost. To view or faster than it has to pay the membership fee to download.
    People pay for file sharing: Dotcom introduction of an incentive plan to attract people to a file and load mass appeal. They say do not tell people that the first film, running or climbing copyrighted products. Pay $ 5,000, if the user fills out a couple of times during the three months.
    Download speed control: you can download the files, but generally not too fast. If you do not want to wait all day to get the number of members, allowing for faster downloads, and money for this dotcom.
    The first Internet automotive first: $ 90,000 sticker price of the car is equipped with video conferencing and a 17-inch screen. The computer onboard was a Pentium III, the top of the line at that time.
    Created by the center of the right Rapidshare believe they are doing anything wrong, because they are only the middle man. People will upload the file and save it in place as the security features. Then others can download this file. Megaupload "charges" do not know what the store. There was no charge for this service if you want to accelerate the download speed, then you needs to buy a membership.
    Those artists directly to the people: In this digital age there is no need to "cut" a record album or CD, because nobody will buy. People now download and listen to music on mobile phones and iPod. Art of music cannot be paid to the tables of the music and want people to buy music directly from record them. Megaupload is the place to store all the music that only 10%. This is a brilliant idea to reduce the rent.
    The technology of file sharing: Over the years, many companies have shared files, but Kim Dotcom without the possibility of large amounts of data online for others to access the store. Other companies followed Megaupload and some have already been closed due to recent events.
    Internet Security: Data Protection dotcom companies actually help the company avoid hackers, when he was accepted into one of the greatest hacker of the time and the leader of a group of hackers called Dope.
    Internet crime can be: Because everything that happens Dotcom Kim, United States asked the international arrest warrant and the arrest of several people in the world of cybercrime. In order to free the person is a crime, usually must be land or property in the country. It seems that every year in the United States for at least a portion of the Internet.
    Trendax: Apparently, this is money making scheme by Dotcom, but the total investment is an artificial intelligence at all in the stock market to see trends and suggestions for action and must be purchased. While Dotcom submitted to the Government of Hong Kong only name Trendax never filed with the SEC that trade does not occur. Not the initial buy-in to start, and although there is no legal trade in the company will continue to increase. Dotcom AI stated that 130 per cent increase in the budget.

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