Sunday, April 22, 2012

Euro 2012: Platini slams Hotel rates are skyrocketing in Ukraine

Chairman of UEFA, Michel Platini, on Thursday (12.04.12) have labeled "bandits and criminals" about skyrocketing rents a hotel room in Ukraine for Euro 2012 soccer championship, amid growing concern about the high cost of accommodation.

"It is disturbing to have so many investments and then tell people that they cannot come, because there are bandits and criminals who want to reap more money from the (championship) this Euro," Platini said during a visit to Lyiv in Western Ukraine, which is one of the organizers of the Euro.

"Yes, it worries me. I think the authority exists there to make sure that things like (Euro) should be respected," he added.

With less than two months before the start of the feast of football in Ukraine and Poland, "alarm" sounds loud about the hotels in four cities in Ukraine, which wants to reap much benefit from the influx of guests from abroad.

"You cannot change (room rental rates) from 40 euro to 100 and then to 500 as it happens from day to day, it cannot be done," said Platini.

He indicated that some hoteliers do not appreciate Ukraine concerning room rental contract, which had been agreed before the championships.

"I hope for your good (Ukraine) itself, that the contract has been made hoteliers will be respected, otherwise people will not come," he added.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine to take care of the Euro, Borys Kolesnikov, speaking alongside Platini, promising that it would take several approaches is necessary 'within the next 30 days' to solve this problem.

Platini then open a terminal at Lviv airport along with President Viktor Yanukovych, in which the cities of Ukraine looks are always in need of new infrastructure to host four tournaments this year.

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