Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Twitter Sixth Anniversary

March 21, 2012 is the sixth anniversary of Twitter. For six years, many stories happening at the micro-blogging service for some people may already be part of everyday life.

Dated March 21, 2006, being the first day of work in which Twitter displays the chirp (tweet). Co-founder Jack Dorsey Twitter site, be the first to throw microblogging website Twitter in 140 characters.

"Just setting up my twitter," this is the first chirping on Twitter that Dorsey was written six years ago. To this day, Dorsey still serves as executive chairman on Twitter.

Twitter takes 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach 1 million Twitter first, and it took 18 months to 500 thousand users first.

Currently, Twitter users are estimated to have reached 500 million people. Twitter was the last time official figures released its consumer in April 2011, when they announced there are more than 200 million people who have signed up. Of these, the Twitter claims there are 100 million active users.

On October 2011, Twitter recorded the number of chirp that was brought up every day has reached 250 million tweets.

If in 2011 and Twitter seem timid to gain revenue from advertising, then from 2012, Twitter began to look aggressive. Research and analysis firm eMarketer digital media, predicting, Twitter ad revenue will go up 3 times in 2014, reaching 540 million U.S. dollars.

Happy birthday Twitter!

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