Monday, March 26, 2012

James Cameron Dive Deepest Sea

Hollywood director James Cameron to dive to a depth of 11 kms under the sea, in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean.
He was diving alone by using a prototype submarine called the "Sea Challenger in," and takes two hours to reach the deepest point on Earth. When he reached a depth of 10 898 meters, said the first thing she said was, "The whole system is Ok."

He brought a camera, and lights are so bright that he can record images in the sea.

Expedition to the deepest ocean is the second, after the same expedition conducted in 1960. Previous dives made U.S. Marines, Lieutenant Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard of Switzerland's oceanographer.

They spent about 20 minutes on the seabed, but landing them on the mud, so that their views are not clear.

Before diving, director of the film Titanic told the BBC, that the dive was a dream.

"I grew up in the middle of science fiction when people began to turn the science of physical reality,'" said Cameron "People go to the moon and explore the ocean's Cousteau. And I grew up with it, the value of my childhood."

Diving ambition

The last word before diving Cameron is, "Free, free, free".

James Cameron spent several years working in secret with the team engineer to design and build a small vessel, weighing 11 tons and a length of more than 7 meters.

He described it as "vertical torpedo" that glides quickly into the water. Small room where the filmmaker was sitting made of steel, which can withstand a pressure of 1000 atmospheres, which will be experienced in the sea.

While other materials from the vessel made of synthetic foam, which gives buoyancy to return to the surface.

Space that has a lot of light and a camera that is similar to the underwater TV studio - so Cameron can be directed and filmed the action.

He will also issue a documentary film.

The ship also has a robotic arm to pick up rocks and soil, and a team of researchers working together with the director was to identify new species. He said that science is an objective of the mission.

If successful, a multi-million dollar expedition, financed itself with Rolex and National Geographic, James Cameron made the first man to dive in the deep ocean during the last half century.

In 1960, Don Walsh, a former U.S. Marine lieutenant, and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard made the historic dive. Don Walsh, who is now 80 years old, joined Cameron and team diving techniques in this mission. "He (James Cameron) is a storyteller, and again after 50 years is a good story," said Walsh.

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