Saturday, March 24, 2012

Identify Criminals trick in Car Theft

Crime can be everywhere. Target and mode of operation of any variety do the perpetrators. Especially the theft of the car higher with a variety of ways, ranging from the conventional way to use anti-theft technology can still be stolen.

As quoted from Automotto, Thursday (22/3), vehicle theft continues to increase as population increases, coupled with a growing number of cars that exist today.> Well, so it does not happen on your vehicle should do the following steps so that the car stay safe.

First, the starter system of forced labor. It's one of the tricks that made criminals. After they succeeded in opening the vehicle door, the criminals will break the ignition and remove the cable to be connected to the switches that turn on the vehicle.

Second, push or tow system. This is done easily by the perpetrators of the crime by using a tow truck lifting or breaking into a car door and release the hand brake to be driven away.

Third, the falsification of documents. This method is performed when a new car stolen to be sold. Thieves acts as the original owner of the car. If prices reach an agreement, they showed documents from the bank about the car at night or weekends. When the bank closed at that time. So that the seller is unable to contact the bank to check whether or not original documents from the bank.

Fourth, a duplicate key. This trick is done by utilizing the opportunities that thieves existed. They will duplicate keys after a certain vehicle burglary target. This course will be more dangerous in a car when there is a risk of missing important documents.

Fifth, a key reserve. Criminals may be taking a second or extra key from the vehicle owner. The reserve key will track down the thieves and take every opportunity.

Sixth, parking in unsafe areas. In the parking area is a favorite place for thieves because they can easily monitor the car freely into the target.

Seventh, the key is stolen in the house. Some thieves used to target into the house just to steal car keys and stolen cars are sometimes used to carry goods in the house another loot.
Eighth, add car alarm. There are some ads that serve the order type of car alarm you have, so this makes it easy for thieves. In addition, there are other ways to do gang of thieves by using a software program on a laptop through the sensor, to unlock the car, to start the engine.

Ninth, breaking the glass. It uses a method of splitting the glass with special cutting tools. Broken glass looks so good. Once the glass is open, easily thief opened the car door to take over the wheel entirely.

Tenth, the opportunist thief. This thief is a thief who uses every opportunity with the best. When the keys in the vehicle, the thieves rushed off with a stolen car.

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