Monday, March 5, 2012

PC Mouse Could Be The spy Tool

LONDON - The employees should be more careful, because now the office equipment can be a tool to spy on them. Ranging from equipment such as computer mouse calculators up can be a surveillance tool.

Reportedly the boss in England the more common use of office equipment to monitor their staff. Bosses use tools such as calculators and clocks are equipped with a camera and listening device to keep track of their employees.

Not only that, but now even the PC mouse is also used as a surveillance tool. A mouse eyes that look the same as a regular mouse, but it comes with earphones and an embedded SIM in it. To activate the device, according to the Sunday Times takes a phone call and record sounds and conversations within a radius of 10 meters.

According to the spy equipment salesman, was also there's a market that provides the tools for their clients who want to keep an eye on the contents of the office.

Knowing this, the lawyer told the Sunday Times that the use of spy devices is technically legal but also the possibility of any violation. If the employer access to confidential information through unauthorized means, the court may have its own decision about it.

So if your boss insists none of it on their staff, there are concerns about the professional business will use and dispose of personal data. As for other possibilities, the principal will collect data as a result of continuous monitoring.

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