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In Just One Day, Windows 8 Consumer Preview Downloaded 1 Million Times

Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Microsoft has released Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29, 2012, utilizing the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. In just one day, the Consumer Preview version has been downloaded 1 million times.

"Less than a day ... one million downloads for Windows 8 Consumer Preview," Microsoft wrote in the team's official Twitter account Building Windows 8.

Microsoft's latest operating system from this, it makes many people curious because a lot of changes in it, especially from the checkered appearance of the interface called Metro. Would not be surprised if Windows 8 is well received.

Windows 8 in the launching of Consumer Preview, head of Microsoft's Windows division, said Steven Sinofsky, Windows 8 is the best operating system that is even better than Windows 7.

Previously, Microsoft has released Windows 8 Developer Preview for the application developer, in September 2011.

Microsoft promises that Windows 8 will be released late 2012, and is being developed for tablet devices and smartphones.

Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" Can Used Free

taking a moment of technological event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012, Microsoft released a version of "Consumer Preview" of the newest operating system, Windows 8.

"This is an even better Windows than Windows 7," said Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division, while showing off Windows 8 in the MWC event held in Barcelona, Spain.

Windows 7 is Microsoft's operating system which has the fastest-selling record, sold over 525 million units in less than three years.

However, Microsoft has been left behind in a race conscious mobile computing than Apple, Google, and Microsoft Windows 8 is the answer in the catch.

"It's very fast and flowing in navigating this interface," said Sinofsky, as demonstrated Windows 8 on the tablet and ultrabook.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview or can we call a beta version of Windows 8 can be used by the public free of charge until the final version is available.

However, because it is still testing, Microsoft does not guarantee any programs or computational processes can be run well.

To use it, please download first the installer file from this page,

Windows 8 Consumer Preview, by Stefen Sinofsky, brought more than 100,000 changes or improvements over version of the Developer Preview.

Microsoft previously released a Developer Preview version of Windows 8 at the end of 2011 last year and has been downloaded more than three million times.

Microsoft called Windows 8 as the most significant redesign of the Windows interface, since they present a Windows 95.

The emphasis of the new design is at the interface of Windows 8 "Metro style" which refers to the interface used in current Windows Phone platform.

For the first time, the famous Windows "Start" is not used anymore and will be replaced by a menu-based panel sliding (sliding panel-based menu).

In Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to combine the look and experience of the use of smartphones, tablet, and desktop computers.

This is a similar approach made a major competitor Microsoft, Apple and Google.

Unlike previous Windows versions that support only the x86 processor architecture, Windows 8 also supports the ARM chip that is widely used in tablet devices generally.

Users of Windows 8 will be a lot using the shear (sliding) to access the menus or applications.

However, Microsoft will still use the traditional Windows layout (by combining with sliding method) for the convenience of users in using applications, such as Word and Excel.

Windows Store

For the first time, Windows 8 will be completed store application "Windows Store" which provides a wide range of applications.

Store in Windows, users can download and try applications as well as gaining access to cloud storage (cloud storage) with the ability to move content on a variety of devices including mobile phones Windows PWindows Store has a wide range of applications and games, one of which has been known is the Cut the Rope.

Users need to login to the Microsoft account to download the application, all of which are free during this trial.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview also includes a beta version of Microsoft's latest browser, Internet Explorer 10.

Windows 8 has been found in email applications, calendaring and messaging, but there is no appearance of Office programs.

Sinofsky said earlier this March that the Office will be included in Windows 8 for ARM-based tablet.

Windows 8 So Triggers "Fever" in 2012 Ultrabook

In 2012 it will be a "year" Ultrabook, a new subcategory of portable computer (laptop). Intel, the company that introduced the Ultrabook, targeting Ultrabook will reap 40% of laptop market share at the end of 2012.

 According to Sales Director Brata Rafly Intel Indonesia, optimism is based on the target of several factors. First, one would need a laptop with a slim design, lightweight, yet equipped with qualified specifications.

 The first factor was going to encourage computer manufacturers to produce more as Ultrabook. This is the second factor that makes Intel upbeat. "Until the end of 2012, predicted there will be 60 models Ultrabook from various vendors," said Brata in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/02/2012).

 The competition among manufacturers Ultrabook getting stronger so the price is more competitive. In the United States alone, Ultrabook manufacturers such as Acer, Lenovo and HP, have lowered their prices Ultrabook by 21 to 25 percent.

 The last factor, the arrival of Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 8, which will be the new trend of how someone using a computer. The momentum of the launch of Windows 8 is predicted to drive sales Ultrabook.

 In addition, Brata explains, Intel has designed a unique marketing ploy to popularize Ultrabook. Fronted vocal group Black Eyed Peas, ie,, who currently serves as Director of Creative Innovation at Intel, will take a path through music.

"This marketing strategy called Project Ultrabook. will be a Disc Jockey (DJ) is supported by the ability to accommodate Ultrabook musical activity," said Brata.

Nevertheless, Ultrabook would be faced with the toughest rival MacBook Air from Apple. In 2012, Apple reportedly is developing a MacBook Air with a screen resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, and with Thunderbolt technology, which enables multimedia data transfer faster.

 AMD processor manufacturers also are designing Ultrathin, which will enliven the market thin and light laptop. Moreover, AMD promises a cheaper price, the price range of $ 500. Relatively low prices are a gap for AMD to steal Intel's target market.

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