Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twitter Offer Many Functions in New Design

On last December Twitter was launched a new design, but unfortunately was not all users can enjoy the latest designs. Now all users can enjoy the new look of the web version of Twitter.

Twitter can be said to display a massive overhaul the microblogging site. Here are some interesting changes in the latest design of Twitter, while Legal tested this new design, Saturday (18/02/2012).

*) From the design of the biggest changes visible on profile pages, which is on the left there are many options such as 'game', 'Following' and 'Followers'. If you see this look similar to the appearance of Home Facebook, if the user clicks 'Following' before, then the list would appear to follow the right side, just like the look of the Facebook News Feed.

*) Similar to view comments on Facebook, if the user clicks the existing  at timeline tweet or chirp profile so other users can see the tweet echo each other.

With this new design, such as displaying Twitter tweets in one package, so not only can directly see the tweet replies with just one click, but also others such as photos and video.

If the user does not want to be bothered to close again the only one tweet he'd seen, then press the letter 'L' on your keyboard or click the small arrow top right corner to do so.

*) Keyboard Shortcut, a 'shortcut' for the user to more easily access Twitter without needing a lot of clicking and keyboard use enough given this Twitter.

Keyboard shortcuts are composed of three parts, namely Action, Navigation and Timeline. As if the user wants to create a tweet, just press the 'N' and to move from Twitter timeline to profile the user can use by pressing the 'GP' on a computer keyboard.

It's a little difficult if you have to remember all the keyboard shortcuts, but for simplicity the user can select the '?' On the keyboard, then all options will appear on the screen.

*) Feature 'Connect' in the top left, whose function is to see the conversation, such mention or retweet. In addition to the 'Connect, users are also much easier to know who's new to follow or tweet favored it.
*) The 'Discover' which are also in the top left Twiiter, the user can use it to get useful information and entertainment, and there is also a tweet related to such information.

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