Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FBI Ask Google to Unlock Password Android Phone

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) request help Google to unlock password an android phone. Because the American intelligence agency wants to dismantle prostitution involving Android phone.
Android phones are owned by Dante Dears, a pimp who is often out of jail and was released on parole in May 2011 then.

Dante was accused of being the founder of the prostitution "Pimpin Hoes Daily" and is considered a dangerous criminal gang in California.

In order for the case of trafficking in women for prostitution is not repeated, the FBI confiscated Dante's Android phones. The hope of all matters relating to the business of prostitution can be known of the contents of the mobile phone.

The problem is, this Android phone has a key pattern (pattern lock) that cannot be opened by the FBI. Dante himself has denied that it was his Android phone so that he could not open it.

After failing to gain access to the Android phone, the FBI filed a power of attorney to force Google to open this Android phone.

FBI wants to dismantle the details of the website is accessed, the duration of time accessing the internet, phone contacts, SMS, photos, videos, and whatever is on the phone.

Security researcher Christopher Soghoian describes a power of attorney that will push Google further in open Android's mobile phones. In fact, the FBI might want a list of telephone calls, emails and text messages (SMS) which is intended to Dante.

In order to conduct further investigation, the FBI may have to get a wiretap order.

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