Sunday, March 4, 2012

Collusion, Add-on to Reveal Scouts on the Internet

CALIFORNIA - Looking on the internet privacy security issues are increasingly complex, Mozilla has launched a new add-on for web browsers. Owner of Firefox that gives web users the ease to find out the parties 'watch' them while browsing.

New add-on that is collusion, which, according to Mozilla's CEO, Gary Kovacs will allow users to block the company's web advertising and other third parties to track the online movements.

Collusion is the latest official product from Mozilla, which was unveiled this week the Conference Technology, Entertainment and Design. With this new add-on, Mozilla created as a web that shows web users, the company which ads to see them while browsing.

"Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and lets you see all the third party to track movements on the web. This will show in real-time, how the data to create interaction between the company and the other tracers," said Mozilla, as reported DailyMail, Sunday (04/03/2012).

Kovacs likens the collusion as a curtain closing and gives Internet users information about increasing the role of third-party spying on them. Mozilla would like to add-on recently made the worst violations data base and make the data for privacy campaign.

"When we launched the full version of collusion, then the add-on that will give you the option to share the anonymous data that belongs on the basis of data from the global web data tracker," explained the company.

Then later Mozilla will combine all that information and provide it with the aim of helping researchers, journalists and other stakeholders to analyze and explain how the data can be tracked on the web.

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