Monday, March 26, 2012

'Birdman' Video Skyrocketed on YouTube

A video posted on YouTube of a repercussion. How could I not, the video showed a man can fly high like a bird with flapping wings?
In the video, a man named Jarno Smeets purporting to be from the Dutch managed to fly with the aid of artificial wings. It seems quite obvious that this video directly reaches 6 million viewers in record time and attracted wide attention from international media.

Seen in the video, assisted by several colleagues put Jarno made ​​ pretty big wings. Then he poised and ran while flapping their wings. Miraculously, she looks to really fly.

"I always dreamed about it. Eight months of hard work, researching and testing finally paid off," says Smeets. He claimed the wing design with technology like the Wii game console controller to coordinate the beating.

Since posted in mid-March, quite a lot YouTube viewers amazed and truly believe Smeets can fly because the video was inconclusive. However, as quoted by MSNBC on Monday (3/26/2012), alleged they were wrong.

A Dutch filmmaker named Floris Kaayk admitted as Jarno Smeets. He stated the video is a hoax engineered alias. "I'm actually a filmmaker and animator. Purpose of this video project is to divide the personal and the universal dream of flying like a bird," he said.

Here's video 'bird man' who had been horrendous it:

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