Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Erik Kuselias will be leaving ESPN to become co-host of the Golf Channel's

Erik Kuselias is getting out ESPN to unite the Golf Channel and on that point numerous speculation that it has to do with a lot inappropriate behavior behind the scenes at the Worldwide Leader.

Erik Kuselias has been described as being also assuming with some other female employees and telling unsuitable things and being discouraged multiple times for his behaviour in the workplace. Deadspin rumored that he was married at the time of acting these but Is not any longer since his wife hired somebody to check over him and caught out that he was making a relationship with a fellow worker, allegedly Stephania Bell.

Dropping the channel would cause the Golf Channel to lose 15 million viewers.

For November, the Golf Channel ranked 78th of 90 cable networks in total-day viewership and ranked 80th out of 88 prime-time networks.

Kuselias, by the way, was married at the time (shocker) but apparently is no longer because...

His wife hired a private investigator and found out he was having an ongoing relationship with ESPN personality Stephania Bell. Who again? Anyway, those two were doing it. Mrs. Kuselias wasn't too happy about it.

However! It appears that Erik Kuselias are trying to work things out at this time, I'm told. Good for them.

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